Hygiene Coating Standards

The performance standards for operational hygiene environments are defined by the HSE in categories named Containment Levels; 1 being the easiest to achieve, and 4 requiring the most high performing materials and systems.

Each of the Containment Levels are derived from the grouping of Biological Agents Hazards, as published in The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens Guidance Note on the Management Design and Operation of Micro-biological Containment Laboratories.

Cousins Ltd have applied a wide range of liquid hygiene coating systems to meet all these Containment Levels and are able to advise on material selection, substrate requirements, design of details such as corners and intersection between wall and floor finishes etc.

Our site staff and operatives are trained to understand the importance of surface finishes to the overall efficiency of the installation, and are committed to providing the highest quality of application and finish. We are experienced at creating defect free, fully continuous and airtight films, including coving and fairing, and partial or fully reinforced coatings which lap onto penetrations, ducting, floor finishes etc.